A bridge is made to replace a gap caused by a missing tooth. Similar to crowns, bridges are fabricated of high strength ceramics and can restore the natural beauty and function to your smile. Dental bridges are fixed in place and rely on a natural tooth on either side of the gap to provide support. Adjacent teeth are shaped to support crowns and the gap is bridged with a floating crown, called a pontic, between them. This restores natural appearance and adequate chewing function. Bridges require no surgical intervention and allow for faster healing and treatment time than surgical options, such as implant placement, for replacing missing teeth.

In the anterior (front) esthetic area, a new type of bridge is also available. With current CAD/CAM (Computer-aided design and manufacturing) technology and strong ceramic materials, as well as advances in dental bonding techniques, we can fabricate ceramic bonded bridges for cases in which an anterior tooth is missing but insufficient bone is present to support a dental implant. In contrast to a regular bridge, this approach does not require reduction of any adjacent tooth structure.